The Warsaw Institute of Banking (WIB) was established in 1993 on the initiative of the Polish Bank Association (ZBP) and banks funders. Since the beginning, we have been committed to developing and finding solutions for our customers, employees and financial institutions.

As one of the leaders in education of banking staff in Poland, WIB has implemented projects aimed at improving the competencies of bankers and the quality of market practices of financial institutions from the first years of its activity. More than 67,000 people have availed themselves of the various training sessions by now. They work for banks, insurance companies, other financial institutions. Many of them have secured themselves managerial positions in the Polish financial sector.

In recent years, WIB has taken the path of dynamic development, developing its existing projects and initiating new ones. This has been possible due to the support of its key partners, among others – ZBP, banks and banking infrastructure institutions, with Biuro Informacji Kredytowej S.A. and Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa S.A. to the fore. In the years 2016–2019, this resulted in activities such as:

  • launch of new educational projects, including the “Bankers for Education" Programme and development of the BAKCYL Project,

  • development of the training portfolio and e-learning courses in regulated areas,

  • coordination of the work of the Sector Council for Competence of the Financial Sector,

  • initiation of the Analytical and Research Programme.


Representatives of 8 banks: PKO BP S.A., Pekao S.A., Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A., Powszechny Bank Kredytowy S.A., Bank Zachodni S.A., Powszechny Bank Gospodarczy S.A., Powszechny Bank Handlowy Gecobank S.A., Bank Depozytowo-Kredytowy S.A. and the Polish Bank Association sign the memorandum and articles of association establishing the WIB Foundation.

Inauguration of the 1st WIB Banking Study – a programme implemented as part of the System of Qualification Standards in Polish Banking

WIB becomes a fully fledged member of the European Banking Training Network – an organisation which brings together leading banking training institutions in Europe

The number of participants who have successfully completed a training course offered by WIB reaches 10,000

WIB celebrates its 10th anniversary, and a world-famous expert in credit risk management – Professor Edward I. Altman – comes to Poland at the Institute’s invitation.

Completion of three years of work on the European Foundation Certificate in Banking (EFCB), with integration of the certification process with the System of Qualification Standards in Polish Banking by way of a decision of ZBP.

Signature of a letter of intent between WIB and the European Financial Planning Association (EFPA) – the largest professional association of financial advisors and planners in Europe. The Institute becomes an official representative of EFPA in Poland.

Signature of the notarial deed and establishment of EFPA Poland by WIB

Inauguration of educational projects in cooperation with the National Bank of Poland, i.e. BAKCYL and the BANRISK Competition – Academic League (currently: FinSim)

WIB establishes ALTERUM – Centre for Research and Analysis of the Financial System

WIB begins coordination of the work of the Sector Council for Competence of the Financial Sector and launches the sectoral programme named “Bankers for Education” at the initiative of ZBP and banks

WIB is awarded the “Teraz Polska” (“Poland Now”) emblem for the outcomes of the “Bankers for Education” Programme and launches the Analytical and Research Programme.

About WIB

For 30 years now, the MISSION of the Warsaw Institute of Banking has been to constantly expand the knowledge and skills of employees in the financial sector who serve customers in order to maintain the employment potential and competitiveness of Polish banks and investment companies, as well as strengthen the stability of the financial sector. We educate citizens with regard to finances. We motivate people and organisations to pursue lifelong learning.

Our initiatives in training, educational, analytical and research activities focus on three areas:

  • development of the competences and professional qualifications of employees in the financial sector and job candidates,

  • education of citizens with regard to finances, entrepreneurship and cybersecurity,

  • analysis and research in the area of banking, modern technologies and education.

The VISION of the Warsaw Institute of Banking includes transfer of solid knowledge of economics, finance, the economy and modern technologies, development of competences and skills which are appropriate to the needs and requirements of society through reliable, comprehensive and profiled offerings for all groups of our customers.

Our VALUES are:

  • work based on competences,

  • lifelong learning,

  • reliability as an attitude,

  • cooperation as the basis for success,

  • openness to dialogue.

The Foundation Council

The functioning of the Warsaw Institute of Banking is supervised by the Foundation Council and the Audit Committee. The Foundation Council is composed of designated representatives of the following entities:

  • Bank BPH S.A.

  • Bank Pekao S.A.

  • Citi Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A.

  • PKO Bank Polski S.A.

  • Polish Bank Association

The Management Board

Waldemar Zbytek

Chair of the Management Board

Involved in educational projects of the banking sector for more than 10 years now; co-founder of the Publishing House of the Centre for Banking Law and Information and co-author of projects related to cooperation of financial institutions with schools and universities, including the “Modern Business Management” Programme and the “Bankers for Education” Programme; initiator of cooperation with over 400 local government units in Poland in the scope of financial education of the banking sector; Deputy Chairperson of the Centre for Banking Law and Information.

Mariola Szymańska-Koszczyc

Deputy Chair of the Management Board

Executive manager with more than 25 years of experience in the development of employees in the financial services sector; coordinator of large international projects related to the development of modern professional standards and qualifications in the financial sector; she has held important positions at the European Bank and the Financial Services Training Network, among others; originator and co-author of the BAKCYL Financial Education Project; currently a Supervisor of the Sector Council for Competence of the Financial Sector; Chairperson of EFPA Poland and Director at the Board of Directors of EFPA Europe.

Michał Polak

Deputy Chair of the Management Board

He has worked for the Polish Bank Association since 2015; responsible for cooperation with the socio-economic environment and for the image-related activities of key sectoral financial education schemes; he has gained his professional experience in the PR sector, with particular emphasis on sport and CSR; previously, he cooperated with the editorial teams of Polish Radio Channel 3 and TVP; doctoral student at the Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies of the University of Warsaw.

Awards and honours

In the case of all initiatives undertaken by the Warsaw Institute of Banking, regardless of the target group of the activities, particular importance is attached to the development of human capital. To this end, we use and adapt design tools and forms of implementation which meet the needs of our customers. This flexibility is a key element of the high quality of our activities. It is valued by the socio-economic environment, as evidenced by numerous awards and distinctions. These include, among others:

  • EBTN Award, 2012

    for “continuous and valuable support of EBTN activities by WIB, as well as understanding and the ability to translate the diversity of EBTN members into common European objectives”;

  • The “Banking World Leaders” Competition Award, 2014

    win the “Corporate Social Responsibility” category, for “implementation of the BAKCYL Project”;

  • Award of the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland – Pro Juvenes, 2017

    in the “Student-Oriented Educational Project” category, for “implementation of the ‘Bankers for Education’ Programme”;

  • Award of the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland – Pro Juvenes, 2018

    in the “NGO” category, for “contribution towards the development of the student community and supporting academic media”;

  • The European Banking Federation Honour, 2019

    in the “Best Qualifier” category, for “the level of organisation of the national stage of the European Money Quiz”;

  • “Teraz Polska” (“Poland Now”) Emblem, 2019

    in the “Services” category, for “implementation of the ‘Bankers for Education’ Programme”;

  • Award of the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland – Pro Juvenes, 2019

    in the “Support and Development of the Student Community” category, for “the idea and development of the initiative of the Nationwide Academic Media Forum”;

  • Technical University Forum Award, 2019

    in the “Institution Supporting Student Activity” category